Aqua Calcite

Aqua Calcite is a highly pure form of natural calcium carbonate with multiple applications in water treatment. Water that lacks calcium or magnesium salts is referred to as soft water and when this condition is extreme, it is not recommended for human consumption and considered highly aggressive for piping.

Calcite is generally insoluble but if carbon dioxide is dissolved in the water, this will produce a portion of carbonic acid. The water can then be passed through a bed of granular Aqua Calcite and it will slowly dissolve the product introducing calcium bicarbonate into the water flow. This raises the hardness, the alkalinity and the pH with no risk of overdosing due to the natural equilibriums which exist in the water. The applications are:

  • To raise the hardness and alkalinity of water that has been treated by reverse osmosis thereby balancing its Langelier Index
  • To correct the pH of acidic waters
  • To remove excess carbon dioxide from waters
  • To precipitate certain dissolved metals
  • To reduce acidic vapours (such as hydrogen fluoride) from industrial air flows